C-BUS home automation

In the past the conventional methodology of wiring a home was to simply install lighting, power, add a TV point, a telephone point and you were pretty much done. As technology evolved and entertainment products became widely available so have the electrical automation possibilities to your home.

Matrix Technologies can design, with a C-Bus automation system, a total turn key solution and convert your home into a living electronic matrix. With a central universal remote you can have access to control your home, set themes and lighting, climate control, access and distribute music to desired areas.

Matrix Technologies has years of experience designing cost efficient systems that are tailored to meet the needs and requirements of our client’s budgets and expectations.

  • Dim the lights, close the curtains and start a movie all by via remote control.

  • One touch control to pool pumps, sprinkler systems.

  • Control home lighting from the convenience of your bed side lighting switch.

  • Set entry themes and perimeter lighting when approaching your home.

  • Create a night time scene that dims the lights to a low level to avoid glare

  • Reduce your electricity costs by using timers, dimmers and lights that turn off
when you leave a room or as natural light levels change.

  • Distribute internet all around your home via structured cabling or wireless

  • Watch free to air T.V / Foxtel or your favourite DVD anywhere in your home.